måndag 20 november 2017

Sol 07


Regnum - Weil Alles Einst Zerbrechen Muss
Dissonant german Black Metal cold as the night only.
The arts of Regnum stands in a league of its own when coming to shining a light towards the coldest, darkest and hauntingly beautiful corners of the human subconcious.
For the first time available as Vinyl LP.

lördag 4 november 2017


CRYFEMAL (Es) - Perpetua Funebre Gloria, MC

DEN SAAKALDTE (Nor) - Øl, Mørke Og Depresjon, MC
GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT (Ir) - A Moment Of Stillness, MC
NAUDIZ (Ita) - Aftur Till Ginnungagaps, MC
SCENT OF SILENCE (Ita) - This Silent Distance, DigiCD
SEEDS OF HATE (Ger) - Persecution Of Christian Filth, MC
TOTAL HATE (Ger) - Depopulating Planet Earth, MC
TOTAL HATE (Ger) - Necare Humanum Est, MC